Occupational Health Risk Acknowledgement

The ACUC occasionally encounters situations where animal handlers or observers are unable to participate in conventional medical surveillance programs, either at UVA or their home institution. Such situations may occur when a short-term visitor comes to observe or learn an animal procedure, or when repair personnel must work in your lab and could be exposed to animals or animal allergens. In such instances, the ACUC has an obligation to inform the individual of potential risks to be encountered when working with or near animals. To fulfill this obligation and to protect the visitor, the individual must be provided the Risk Acknowledgment Form to read and sign. This form must be completed and returned to the ACUC office PRIOR to the individual engaging in any work with or near animals. If you have any questions regarding applicability or how to use this form, please contact the ACUC office at 434.924.0405 or acuc@virginia.edu.


Download the Risk Acknowledgement Form.