Researchers must have a valid Registration in order to procure and use Controlled Substances in research involving animal models or in vitro experiments at the University of Virginia.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Virginia Board of Pharmacy (VBP) require that all locations which store Controlled Substances (CS) for use in research must be registered with the VBP and DEA depending on the CS used.  The use of CS is strictly regulated and researchers must comply with DEA and VBP regulations including University policies and procedures related to CS procurement, record keeping, administration (to animals or in vitro), and destruction. 

Researchers are responsible for obtaining the necessary DEA and VBP registrations in order to purchase, administer, store, dispose of CS.  The Office of Animal Welfare has produced this website and instructional materials specific to the UVA research community which provides guidance in crucial aspects of these processes. Specific details regarding DEA and VBP regulations are found on the Regulations tab.

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