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Timeline for Phases of Research at UVA 

March 23, 2020: Phase 0 - Research Ramp Down

June 5, 2020: Phase I - Research Ramp Up

November 16, 2020: Phase II

May 17, 2021: Phase III


    Phases designed to increase on-Grounds density levels during research ramp-up 

    Phase 0. Designated faculty & staff may continue work on key research in labs using the appropriate protective safety equipment and maintaining proper social distancing requirements. Pre-ramp up activities begin. Core facilities ramped back up, needed supplies acquired, and business processes designed and deployed to ensure a smooth approval and monitoring process. 

    Phase I. Researchers allowed back on grounds who can attest to health expectations and ongoing compliance with safety guidelines. 

    Phase II. On-grounds density levels can increase as disease spread in the labs is deemed under control and effectively monitored, and/or management and treatments options are successfully advanced to acceptable levels set forth by the Commonwealth. At this stage, select graduate students, second, third, and fourth year undergraduate students can return, following research ramp up guidelines. For summer, a student who has finished the first year of their college career is now a 2nd year, whereas a recently graduate high school student would be an incoming 1st year and not eligible to access the labs. 

    Phase III. (We are in phase III) Individuals allowed to work in all environments normally following any new and permanent implementation of safety guidelines.

    Visitors to the University: Visitors are allowed on Grounds and must comply with the face coverings requirements. See UVA policy for additional guidance.

    May 28, 2021

    Dear Research Colleagues,

    Thank you for all the hard work this past year keeping your teams safe and your research moving forward during what has been an extraordinarily challenging period.  In accordance with the 5/27/21 message from President Ryan to the University community, we will resume normal operations in our research labs subject to current University regulations, and where applicable, UVA Health guidance (when the lab is located in UVA Health space or managed by the School of Medicine).  Lab ramp up plans (both new and revised) are no longer required and outside visitors will be permitted as regulations allow.  Information from the last year will still be available on our site through the fall semester .

    Best regards,


    Note: This we also indicates we no longer need contact tracing logs

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