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In the midst of a global pandemic, the University of Virginia is mobilizing its resources and researchers to find a test and a vaccine for COVID-19, treat the ill, track the COVID-19 globally, and analyze the crisis through the lens of history, politics, economics, business, law and more.

Interview with the Vice President for Research: What's Happening with UVA Research During the Pandemic?

A Test, a Medication and a Vaccine

How UVA’s Residence Hall Wastewater Virus Testing Works

Dr. Steven Zeichner on How Soon We Should Expect COVID-19 Vaccines

Early Follow-Up Shows UVA Patients Recovering Well From COVID-19

UVA-Designed COVID-19 Swab to Support High-Priority Testing Across Virginia

9 Reasons You Can Be Optimistic That a Vaccine for COVID-19 Will Be Available in 2021

Extra weight can be a deadly complication when fighting COVID-19 

Dr. William Petri on COVID-19, Vaccines and the Pandemic

Virus antibodies fade fast but not necessarily protection

Blood Test at COVID-19 Diagnosis Can Predict Disease Severity, Study Finds

Infectious Diseases Expert Talks Vaccines and COVID-19

Computer Science Students Develop Contact Tracing App

COVID-19 Collaboration Reducing Infections in Long-Term Care Facilities

Am I immune to COVID-19 if I have antibodies?

COVID-19: Antibody Testing to Reveal Extent of Infections Across Virginia

A New Tool for Developing COVID-19 Treatments, Vaccines

New Stroke Guidelines Aim to Improve Care Amid COVID-19

Heart Attacks, Heart Failure, Stroke: COVID-19’s Dangerous Cardio Complications

In Victory Against Polio, Hope for the Battle Agains COVID-19

COVID-19: UVA Discovery Spurs Clinical Trial of Antidepressant to Fight Virus

UVA researchers collaborate, report progress in the fight against COVID-19

UVA Health Trial to Test Convalescent Plasma as Potential COVID-19 Treatment

NIH: Antiviral Drug Tested at UVA Speeds COVID-19 Recovery

Beware of Antibody-based COVID-19 "Immunity Passports"

Chronic conditions worsen coronavirus risk – here’s how to manage them amid the pandemic

UVA researchers developing COVID-19 antibody test

Doctors facing grim choice over ventilators told to put patients with disabilities at the back of the line

How COVID-19 Is Exposing Health Care Inequities

COVID-19: Exercise May Help Prevent Deadly Complication

This Robot Allows UVA Health to Reuse Thousands of Masks in the COVID-19 Fight

Staff, Faculty Across Grounds Unite to 3-D Print, Create, Donate Critical Medical Supplies

Reuters: How federal snafus slowed testing at a top U.S. hospital

Black, Latino communities suffering disproportionately from coronavirus, statistics show

UVA Joins National Trial to Test Potential COVID-19 Medication

The long game: UVA researchers shift focus to COVID-19

UVA Health Independently Develops New COVID-19 Tests

UVA researchers racing to develop COVID-19 vaccine and test

What coronavirus symptoms should I look for, and when do I call the doctor? A doctor answers 4 questions: Bill Petri

UVA Infectious disease expert weighs-in on coronavirus

UVA Health Offering COVID-19 Testing to Virginia Hospitals

UVA researchers may have found faster way to detect COVID-19

How COVID-19 Affects Children Vital to Understanding, Slowing Pandemic, Doctors Say

Recent Grants

UVA Leads Nationwide Project to Protect Health Data for COVID-19 Research

Ivy Foundation Backs 14 COVID Translational Research Projects

Batten’s Bala Mulloth Receives COVID-19 Social Entrepreneurship Grant

Eight Research Projects Receive Funding From Manning Fund for COVID-19 Research

Ivy Foundation Commits $2 Million for COVID-19 Translational Research Fund

University Awards Rapid Response Research Grants to Combat COVID-19

Manning Family Makes $1 Million Commitment to Advance COVID-19 Research at UVA

NSF Awards Biocomplexity Institute $10 Million Collaborative Grant for Global Pervasive Computational Epidemiology Project

Data Science

Some Virginia’s health districts are seeing a surge in COVID-19, sounding the alarm for public health experts

UVA COVID-19 Modeling Predicts Steep Spike in Virus Cases in September

COVID-19 Cases in Virginia Remain Stable

Big Data Analytics Shows How America's Individualism Complicates Coronavirus Response

5 burning questions about tech efforts to track Covid-19 cases

Biocomplexity Institute Researchers Develop COVID-19 Projection Model for Virginia

Biocomplexity Researchers Working With Health Officials to Predict Coronavirus’ Spread

Social Distancing

Everything You Need to Know About Your Smartphone’s New COVID-19 Tracker

When Staying Home Is Dangerous: Domestic Violence During Quarantine

Could the Coronavirus Pandemic Actually Build Family Relationships? Some Experts Think So.

UVA survey indicates concern about outbreak, impact of social distancing

Study: Help Predict COVID-19’s Spread in Your Community

Real Simple: As Long as You’re Social Distancing, You Might as Well Do It Right—Here’s How

Physics Professor Lou Bloomfield Explains the Crucial Math Behind Social Distancing

Mental Health

Marriage in Quarantine: How to Safeguard Your Relationship in These Stressful Times

Treating Mental Health in the Time of Coronavirus

Why so many people are biased to ignore the risks of COVID-19, according to a psychology professor

Feeling overwhelmed? Approach coronavirus as a challenge to be met, not a threat to be feared

How to Protect Your Mental Health During a Quarantine

Expert Offers Practical Advice to Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety 

A geriatrician offers 4 tips for seniors to stay connected during coronavirus outbreak

How Loneliness from Coronavirus Isolation Takes Its Own Toll


Washington Post: Activism is the key to protecting worker health as we reopen America

What the States Need From Congress Now Is Cold, Hard Cash

Plummeting Tax Revenues Will Put Governors in Tough Budget Situations

The Hill: Presidential do's and don'ts during natural disasters


Newsweek: Washington Must Address Turkey's Rising Aggression Amid COVID-19

Lack of COVID-19 Lockdown Increased Deaths in Sweden, Analysis Concludes

Is COVID-19 a Perfect Storm for U.S.-China Relations?

How the Coronavirus Is Changing How We Think About Warfare

The coronavirus is already reshaping defense strategies

Latin America — the next coronavirus hotspot? 

International Journal for Equity in Health: Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in complex humanitarian crises

Brazil’s densely packed favelas brace for coronavirus: ‘It will kill a lot of people.’


Are Homeschooling and Telecommuting Here to Stay?

The Science About Whether It’s Safe to Send Kids Back to School Is a Total Mess


NY Times Opinion: Who Will Get to Swim This Summer?

The Lessons of Past Presidents Could Help Trump Beat COVID-19 — If He Listened

How Does Covid-19 Stack Up With the Pandemics of the Past?

Bob Dylan brings links between JFK assassination and coronavirus into stark relief


As Robinhood Investors Pounced, Hedge Funds Bailed

Researchers Explore Link Between American Individualism and Poor COVID-19 Response

USA Today: US hospitals function like businesses. That's why they are struggling amid COVID pandemic

Societal Costs of COVID-19 Outweigh Individual Costs

Communications in the Time of the Coronavirus: Lessons for Leaders 

How Might the COVID-19 Recession Affect Your Health? An Economist Explains

The Coronavirus and Managing Your Organization's Response 

The Hill: A tipping point for the global economy

In a Volatile Stock Market, Breathe, Don't Panic