Here is a roundup of all the books written by University of Virginia faculty this year. To find out more about the books, or to purchase a copy, visit the UVA bookstore.


Faculty Books 2019

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    Allison Meander_Spiral_Explode

    Meander, Spiral, Explode

    Alison, Jane
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    preventing bullying

    Preventing Bullying in Schools

    Bradshaw, Catherine P.
    Waasdorp, Tracy Evian
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    pop culture

    Pop Culture and the Dark Side of the American Dream

    Cantor, Paul A.
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    Footbinding as Fashion book cover

    Footbinding as Fashion

    Shepherd, John Robert
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    Instrumental University book cover

    The Instrumental University

    Schrum, Ethan
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    Mourning El Dorado book cover

    Mourning El Dorado

    Rogers, Charlotte
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    Ridiculous Light book cover

    Ridiculous Light

    Robin, Valencia
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    Smugglers, Pirates, and Patriots book cover

    Smugglers, Pirates, and Patriots

    Reeder, Tyson
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    Monsters book cover


    Raymond, Claire Millikin