Research Performed With Other Institutions

Requirements for Approval of research at Non-UVA Facilities

Any human subjects research conducted in whole or in part outside of UVA facilities must be reviewed and approved by a UVA IRB prior to initiation if it satisfies any of the following criteria unless an IRB Reliance Agreement is in place documenting reliance on a non-UVA IRB of Record. For additional information see IRB Reliance Agreements below. 

  • It is conducted by or under the direction of UVA personnel in connection with his or her UVA responsibilities. 
  • It uses UVA property, facilities, or resources to support or carry out the research. 
  • The name of the University of Virginia is used in applying for funds (intra or extramural). 
  • The name of the University of Virginia is used in explanations and/or representations to subjects. 
  • Non-public information from UVA will be used to identify or contact human research subjects or prospective subjects.

IRB Reliance Agreements



Version Date :  6-25-20