AAHRPP/ Smart IRBAs part of the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) at the University of Virginia, the Institutional Review Board for the Social and Behavioral Sciences (IRB-SBS) is the IRB responsible for reviewing all non-medical behavioral human research (studies which are considered medically non-invasive) for compliance with federally-mandated research guidelines. Review of human subjects research is required for funded and non-funded research and for research conducted by faculty, students, and all those under the purview of the University of Virginia.


  • Need to change UVA personnel listed on your iProtocol? Use the new Personnel Management Tool which allows you to change UVA personnel without submitting a modification. Do not submit a modification to change personnel unless you have been notified that your protocol doesn't qualify for the Personnel Management Tool. 
  • All new protocols must submit using iProtocol. iProtocol Text Boxes is a Word doc with all of the iProtocol text fields; it can be useful if you prefer to type larger passages in Word and then paste them into the iProtocol fields.  
  • Looking for templates to create consent forms, notification letters, etc? Check out Consent Templates. 
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