Associate Recruitment & Consent Tools with Participant Groups

The purpose of this tool is to help you to connect which recruitment and consent tools will be used with different participant groups. If you only have one participant group or only one consent upload, this tool will not be available. For complex studies with multiple consent forms and participant groups, using this “associate tool” will help our staff and Board reviewers navigate your study quickly and accurately.


    How to Complete This Section
    1. Select “edit associations.”
    2. Under each “Participant Group,” select the consent forms that relate to that participant group. All recruitment and consent tools are included and can be selected more than once.
    3. Select “continue” to complete the upload. The “protocol was successfully updated” page will appear to confirm the upload. Select “return to protocol” to continue to edit the protocol.
    4. Please note that if a participant group or recruitment/consent tool is deleted, the associations will be deleted as well.