Non-UVA Research Team (Sub-Investigators)

There are two options for including non-UVA sub-investigators (non-UVA SI) in an iProtocol. Individuals can be listed in the “Non-UVA Sub-Investigators” section or they can obtain a sponsored Netbadge account and be listed among the UVA sub-investigators. Choosing which option is best for your sub-investigators depends on the level of interaction they need to have with iProtocol.

Non-UVA Sub-Investigator List Sponsored Account/ UVA Netbadge ID
  • Sub-Investigator will not have access to iProtocol
  • Must upload CITI training certificate (or equivalent)
  • PI is responsible for maintaining accurate sub-investigator contact information
  • Sub-investigator information will copy into future versions of the protocol (modifications, continuations, etc.) or if the protocol is copied as a template for a new protocol but sub-investigator information will need to be manually entered if the user creates a new protocol (not from a template).
  • Sub-Investigator will have access to iProtocol
  • CITI training from other institutions can be connected to iProtocol
  • Sub-Investigator is responsible for maintaining contact information in Netbadge account (which populates in iProtocol); PI must set up sponsored account with ITServices and maintain sponsorship on a yearly basis.
  • Sub-Investigator information is easily added to other protocols

Regardless of how they are listed on the protocol, all sub-investigators need proof of active human subjects research training (CITI training or equivalent) at the time of the original submission. We will accept valid CITI training from the home institution (even if the home institution's training expiration is different from UVA's) or an equivalent training certification from their institution. If a non-UVA researcher does not have human subjects research training, the individual can take UVA's CITI training course. See CITI Training for more information about the UVA CITI Training program. 

Adding a Non-UVA SI
  1. Select Non-UVA Sub-Investigator.
  2. Enter sub-investigator’s contact information into the required fields.
  3. Upload the sub-investigator’s training certificate by selecting “choose file” and then select the certificate from your computer files. Select “open” and the file will appear next to the “choose file” page.
  4. Select “continue” to add the sub-investigator to the protocol.
  5. Select “Return to Protocol” to continue entering information in the protocol.
Editing a Non-UVA SI
  1. Select “edit” next to the Sub-Investigator’s name.
  2. Edit the required fields as needed.
  3. New training files can be uploaded by selecting “choose file” and then select the certificate from your computer files. Select “open” and the file will appear next to the “choose file” page.
  4. If a training file needs to be removed, check the box below the existing file.
  5. Select “continue” to add the sub-investigator to the protocol.
  6. Select “Return to Protocol” to continue entering information in the protocol.
Removing a Non-UVA SI
  1. Select “Remove Non-UVA Sub-Investigator.”
  2. Select the box next to the Sub-Investigator that you wish to remove and select “continue.”
  3. Select “Return to Protocol” to continue entering information in the protocol.
Sponsoring Netbadge Account

As a member of UVA, you can sponsor a netbadge account through ITServices.

  1. Visit this IT Services page to learn more about sponsored accounts and get started.
  2. Scroll down the page and select “request an account.” In #2, select the “Request a Sponsored Account” link. You will need to log into Netbadge to access the sponsored accounts form. Once you have logged in, complete the form. Select an appropriate account type for your researcher. Note that depending on the account type, the individual may need a background check (see the Sponsored Account page for a full list of account types and the background check requirements). 
  3. Once the request is submitted, response time is usually one business day. When the UVA Netbadge identification is issued, you can add the non-UVA researcher to the protocol; however, the researcher needs to follow the directions below to associate their CITI training with UVA so that it will display in iProtocol.

Tip: If you are submitting a sponsored account form for more than one non-UVA researcher, the “bulk enable” option directs you to an excel spreadsheet where you can list all of the individuals for whom you are sponsoring Netbadge accounts.

Connecting CITI Accounts

With a UVA Netbadge ID, a non-UVA sub-investigator can associate his or her CITI account with UVA so that we can access their most current human subjects research training.

Please note that CITI’s dashboard page for each user includes an option to “affiliate with another institution” but going through this process is not sufficient for associating CITI training with the UVA netbadge database. This process must be completed by the sub-investigator. Follow the steps below to properly associate a CITI account with UVA.

  1. Use this link to log into CITI through UVA’s portal. It is essential that you log in using this portal rather than just going to the CITI website or logging in from your home institution.
  2. Log in using your UVA Netbadge account. Select “I already have a CITI account” and log into your CITI account.*
  3. You will be directed to the CITI dashboard page. Select “University of Virginia” courses and select “add a course.”
  4. Add the IRB SBS-Does Not Involve Prisoners course. If you have the equivalent course completed at your home institution,** CITI will credit the course for UVA’s requirements as well. If you have not completed this course or its equivalent, you may need to take the course.
  5. Though not a necessary step, updating your contact email address to your UVA Netbadge email will also aid our system to find your data. However, if this is the only way your data is linked to UVA (i.e. you didn’t follow the steps above) and you change the email address to a non-UVA account, we will lose connection with your data.

iProtocol checks the CITI database every few hours for updates, so you may not see your certificate display in iProtocol immediately. However, if you check back in a few hours and your certificate is not displaying, or if you have further questions about this process, contact our office for more help.

*If you don’t have a CITI account, you can always create one and take the UVA training courses. If you have equivalent training through your home institution, we will often accept it rather than ask you to take our training. Contact your UVA colleague and send him or her the certificate for your training.

**Make sure that your account indicates that you are also associated with your home institution and your course credits are displayed under that institution as well.