How To Get Started

Setting Up Your Account with LabArchives

After your account has been approved, please follow the directions below to finish setting up your account. 

  1. Go to the LabArchives website
  2. After logging in to Netbadge using your UVA credentials, please select “Create or activate a new LabArchives account.” 
    • If you already have an existing LabArchives account, please select “Link an existing LabArchives account.”
  3. Enter your UVA email address (e.g., 
  4. Click “Create New Account.”
  5. When asked “Do you want to create or active a new LabArchives account?”, click “Yes.”
    • Please be sure that your correct email address is shown in the pre-populated field.  
  6. Check your email inbox for a verification email from LabArchives. Follow the instructions in the email to verify your email address and complete the account setup process.
    • Please note that you will not be able to access your account until you have verified your email address. 

For more help on how to get started, please download the LabArchives New User Start and Tips for Getting Started with LabArchives guides.


Adding an Administrator to LabArchives Account

The "User Management" menu in LabArchives allows you to add and manage users for the entire notebook. The Owner and Administrator can access this feature and manage user roles for an individual's notebook. To access this feature and assign an administrator, please follow the directions included below. 

  1. Click the triple bar icon in the top right and select "Notebook Settings."
  2. Click on the second tab, "User Management."
  3. At the top right-hand corner, click on the "Add User" Icon and simply enter the email for the person you wish to add to the notebook.
    • Once you click on the "Add User" button, you will see their name appear in the section below, where you can manage their role.
  4. In the "Role" Field, please select "Administrator" from the drop-down menu options. 

Please note that an administrator has the same rights as the owner, but they cannot delete or clone a notebook. 


How to Share Your Notebook with Your Research Team

All content in your notebook can be shared with others. You can share with anyone else who has an email address and/or internet connection, whether or not they already have a LabArchives account. As an Owner or Administrator, you can access the share feature in 3 different ways. LabArchives allows you to share an entire notebook, a folder, a page, and/or a specific entry. Please see below for details on how to share your notebook. 

  1. Under the "Notebook Navigator," you can "right click" on the notebook, folder or page name and click on "Share."
  2. Regardless if you are sharing a Notebook, folder, page or an entry, the "Share" dialog box will pop up on the screen giving you a variety of options to select from. 
  3. The "Invite People" tab allows you to share notebook content via an email invite. On this tab, you can input the email address or addresses of those you want to share with, add your own subject, and create your own message for the share email. You can type in the entire user's full email address or select from a suggested list by clicking the drop down menu option. 
    • Choose if you want them "To edit" or "To view" below the box for the email address.
  4. Once you have made your selections, click "send."

For more information on how to share notebooks with other users, please visit the "Sharing Overview" and "Managing Users in a Notebook" on the LabArchives' website. 

Please note that UVA faculty, students and staff members must submit a request for a LabArchives account, and confirm their account, before they will be able to accept an invite to see a shared notebook. 


How to Create a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in LabArchives

LabArchives ELN was designed to maintain the security of research data while providing a means to safely share data following institution and funder requirements. They are actively working to create and evolve solutions that meet the NIH 2023 Data Sharing requirements and guidelines. For more information, please see the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy Overview

A DOI is indexed, in perpetuity, by the International DOI Foundation, of which LabArchives is a member. While URLs may change or disappear, a DOI is a permanent way to share your data. Please follow the directions included below to create a DOI. 

  1. To create a DOI for some content in your notebook, right-click that item in the "Notebook Navigator" and click "Publish Data."
  2. Next select “Publish via LabArchives.” 
  3. If creating a DOI of an entry or page, to show the content in its current state, select “This page/entry as it exists now.” To share the most updated version of this content select “the most recent version of this page/entry.” 
    • If creating a DOI of a folder, the DOI will link to the most recent version of this folder automatically.
  4. Select a Creative Commons License for your content. 
  5. By checking the appropriate boxes, you can allow viewers to see earlier or later versions of your data. This feature provides for a "dynamic" publication of a dataset, so that a reader may first see the data as it stood at publication, but also past and future history of these data.
  6. You can customize the Author, Title, Publisher, Data Management Plan ID, and Grant/Funding ID fields.
    • There are several fields available when adding an author: Author name, ORCID, and a checkbox to determine if this individual is a PI. There is also an option to add co-authors. Click ‘Add co-author(s)’ and another Author, ORCID, PI field will appear.
  7. When you are ready to create the DOI click “Create DOI and Publish.” 
    • After a few moments, the screen will appear as shown below with your new DOI.

For more information on how to create and manage your DOI, please visit the "Creating a DOI" and "Sharing with a URL" on the LabArchives' website.