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How do I access ResearchUVA?


Login to ResearchUVA at You'll be prompted for your NetBadge credentials. Faculty named on proposals, awards and projects will automatically be granted a PI role in ResearchUVA. Access to other roles can be requested via Workday, under System Access Requests.

Using ResearchUVA

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Check out our FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions we hear from ResearchUVA users. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, email us at We check this email frequently. Every month, we also plan to post new content to help users get the most out of the system. Be sure to keep checking back.

How do I request Department Reviewers, Grants Administrative Editors, and/or Agreements Administrative Editors to be assigned to or removed from my cost center in Research UVA PBH?

Complete the request form and submit it to

How do I get access to UVA Accounts like WorkDay?

Accounts & Access  The supervisor and employee determine what system access the employee needs and what responsibilities to request, which dictates the required training.


The Office of Sponsored Programs holds training sessions on assorted research administration topics over the course of the year. Materials from these sessions will be shared via this page for future reference.

Effort Reporting




Payroll Allocation Confirmation (PAC)

Payroll Allocation Confirmation System Overview

DHHS Salary cap calculator

Payroll Reporting Coordinators

Faculty & Principal Investigators

Suspense Report – Quick Guide

Salary Cap Desk Procedure

Huron Training Materials

Resources & Learning

General Training Materials

  • Costing Basics at UVA Presentation - PPTX version of slides covering what is allowable, what is allocable, the requirements behind the practices, and examples of direct and indirect costs.

  • Scheduling Labor Distribution (LD) on Sponsored Projects at UVA Presentation - PDF version of slides from class on managing LD on sponsored projects. Strongly recommended for all employees who impact the LD management process, from LD Specialists to Effort Reporting Coordinators, Administrators and Business Managers. Includes information on Discoverer reports to run, Encumbrances, Special Situations, and more.

Research Administration Course - developed by the School of Education and Human Development

Research Administration course  

Past Training Sessions

UVA Procedure for Managing Cost Sharing - Presented at RAM - 08/13/2020

Post Award Financial Management - 12/6/18

  • Download a PDF of Part 1 - overview of FY18, receiving NOA, understanding expenditures, monitoring, closeouts, resources
  • Download a PDF of Part 2 - award governing principles, standards of financial management, cost sharing, cost transfers, effort reporting, program income, subaward management, audits

Proposing and Managing Cost Sharing - 7/18/18

  • An in-depth, detailed review of the compliance requirements associated with cost sharing, primarily grants funded by Federal agencies.
  • Download a PDF of the slides.


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