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Authorized Organizational Representative

Stewart Craig

Executive Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs

Financial Authorized Organizational Representative

Urmila Bajaj

Director of Post Award


Research Administration Roles & Responsibilities Matrix - 2/19/2024

VP Research Leadership & Organizational Chart

List of Sponsored Program Employees by Portfolio Responsibility - 3/15/2024

Contact Leadership

Stewart Craig

Stewart Craig, Executive Director | spc4bj | (434) 924-4274

Urmila Bajaj, Director, Post Award | ub3n 

Vonda Durrer, Senior Director of Electronic Research Administration | vd9k 

Lynn Koplin, Director, Contracts lkv5c

Rita Lam, Business Operations & Training Manager | rs2mc 

Bill Schoelwer, Associate Director, Grants & Contracts  wjs3q

MaryBeth Spaulding, Associate Director, Grants & Contracts | mas7zt

Contact Grants & Contracts

 MaryBeth Spaulding, Associate Director of Pre-Award | mas7zt

        Kelly Bergeron, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator | vbg6bw

        Chelsea Blakely, Grants and Contracts Administrator | ccb5q 

        Samantha Bryant, Grants and Contracts Manager - Award Setup | smb5am 

        Amy Cavanah, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator | jpf7vq 

        Tetyana Clarke, Grants and Contracts Administrator | aca8ge

        Marguerite Guilford, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator | mgg2f       

        Jaime Petrasek, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator | nbp5xz 

        Jenna Phillips, Grants and Contracts Assistant vha8nx

        Amanda Silvester, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator | xvh6wz 

        Nathan Smith, Grants and Contracts Administrator | tzg6cr 

        Emily Wallace, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator | wkw8dm        


Bill Schoelwer, Associate Director of Pre-Award | wjs3q

        Angela Behrend, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator | ags3f 

        Simon Butcher, Grants and Contracts Manager - Outgoing Subawards | dze5ff 

        Claire Child, Grants and Contracts Administrator - Outgoing Subawards| ckc9na

        Judy Mallory, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator | jdm6a

        Leora Payne, Grants and Contracts Administrator | lp4bh 

        Stacy Schwenke, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator | akn3kp

        Adettra Thomas, Grants and Contracts Administrator | aat4h 

        Eric Warren, Grants and Contracts Assistant | fgt2kj 

        Zach Weeks, Grants and Contracts Assistant | zw6gc 

        Nikia Wongus, Grants and Contracts Administrator - Outgoing Subawards | hje3fx

        Vacant, Subawards Grants and Contracts Administrator


Lynn Koplin, Associate Director of Contracts | lkv5c | (434) 243-2908

         Mia Abernathy, Lead Contract Negotiatorffk9nk 

         Sarah Brown, Senior Contract Negotiator | snb4n 

         Celeste Chilton, Contract Negotiator | cmc6tj 

         Sara Cole, Contract Negotiator | slc4ve

         Tiffany Crawford, Senior Contract Negotiator| nes7vc 

         Cooper Drady, Senior Contract Negotiator | yyp5gr 

         Autumn Flores, Senior Contract Negotiator | ycs4kp

         Dale Brent Gunsalus, Lead Contract Negotiator | dbg6w 

         Nathaniel Scott, Senior Contract Negotiator | tny4kh 

         Tim Spaulding, Senior Contract Negotiator | ykf7gw 

         Sharon Taraska, Lead Contract Negotiator | slt2ha 

         Sandy Ulmer, Senior Contract Negotiator | bdd9sf 

         Laura Williams, Senior Contract Negotiatorlw2px  

Contact Post Award

Urmila Bajaj

Urmila Bajaj, Director, Post Award | ub3n 

Gareth Evans, Associate Director of Post Award | gre5m 

          Christa Albanez, Senior Accountantazk7up

          Ryan Babcock, Senior Accountantxzm6fc

          Christine Estes, Senior Accountantcce4f

          Jeanne Flores, Accountant | rnc6uv 

          Alpana Gautam, Senior Accountantasg8a 

          Saraa Lkhagvasuren, Accountant kec3px

          Miranda Martin, Accountant | dck7xf 

          Darcy Rugar, Senior Accountant | dlr9e

          Shuzhen (Janet) Shi, Accountant | ejb9hc

          Stephanie Steen, Accountant | zaz6fp

          Tammy Sutton, Senior Accountant | tms6r 

          Ebony Turner, Accountantatt2gp     


 Kelly Mays, Assistant Director of Financial Compliance | kds7c 

        Mike Priddy, Manager of Financial Compliance | mjp5em 

          Taylor Hoelscher, Financial Analyst | teh6c 

          Patra Wanant, Senior Financial Analyst | pw3r

          Vacant, Financial Analyst 


        Catina Seitz, Assistant Director of Post Award | css9n 

          Adesola Abimbola, Senior Accountant | pvp9pn 

          James Bowen, Senior Accountantjeb5t 

          Jessica Maciaszek, Accountant | jm3au

          Angie Michael, Cash Accountantamm8m

          Tina Schmookler, Cash Accountant | ts3sz

Contact Electronic Research Administration

Vonda Durrer

Vonda Durrer, Senior Director of Electronic Research Administration | vd9k | (434) 924-4031

Shenika Knox, Assistant Director of Electronic Research Administration snk4k 

          Nick Bummara, Technical Reporting Analyst / Programmer | ang6kt 

          Stephen Cross, Applications System Analyst / Developer sc4jh

          Debby Kessler, Manager of Electronic Research Administration | dak2a 

          John McGraw, IT Support Specialist | jpm2tu 

          Sairam Vegesana, Senior ERA Analyst / Developer | sv5p 

          Jeff Wolford, Computer Systems Engineer | jw2w