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Sign the Patent Agreement

Everyone needs to sign the Patent Agreement. This only takes a few minutes. Login with Netbadge.

Research Conflict of Interest

A COI investigator is any individual, regardless of title, role or position, who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research on a proposal to a relevant federal agency/under a relevant solicitation. All investigators need to complete a disclosure and training.

  • Disclosure must be filed every 12 months (yearly) and is required to submit for external funding and on all active awards.
  • Training must be completed every 4 years and is required when the award is Funded. You must complete this training before they set up your account and must be current during dates of the award.

Addressing Emerging Risks and Regulatory Requirements

In Fall 2021, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) determined that it was critical for investigators to be aware of emerging risks to the research environment and that additional disclosures, beyond those required for COI, were necessary to meet evolving sponsor requirements.

  • Submit an External Activities Disclosure (EAD) detailing their external appointments, commitments, and non-UVA support for their research and development activities. A new EAD should be submitted on an as needed basis to update the OVPR of covered activities.
  • Undue Foreign Influence: Risks and Mitigations course is currently a one-time requirement but refresher training may be deemed necessary in the future.

The OVPR plans to release a single investigator disclosure system in 2023 to streamline processes and reduce burden.

Research Compliance & Ethics

Do you work with animals?

If you will be using animals for research, testing, or teaching at UVA, check out this link for a good place to start. The IACUC Office, or ACUC Office as it’s called at UVA, is always here to help you find your way through the maze. Please feel free to contact us at any time. If you need to move animals here from another institution, please contact Sanford Feldman, Director, Comparative Medicine. You will need Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC, ACUC) approval to order, possess, or conduct research using vertebrate animals. Their staff can help with protocol development, protocol pre-review, and required training for you and your laboratory staff. Such transfers usually are made under a Material Transfer Agreement between your current institution and UVA. Learn more about Animal Care and Use.  See ACUC new to UVA page.


Raphael Malbrue, Director, Comparative Medicine

434.924.5058 |

ACUC Office: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

434.924.0405 |

Do you work with controlled substances?

If you will be using controlled substances you will need to acquire a license. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Virginia Board of Pharmacy (VBP) require that all locations which store Controlled Substances (CS) for use in research must be registered with both the DEA and VBP, and adhere to the other regulations regarding procurement, record keeping, administration (to animals or in vitro), and destruction. Learn more about Controlled Substances.

Do you work with Human Subjects?

We have two Institutional Review Boards, one for Health Sciences Research and one for Social & Behavioral Sciences. Training requirements depend on what type of research you are doing. If you have questions after visiting the site, please contact us, we can help! Learn more about working with human subjects.

How do I get proof of training at UVA? Go Here

Does your work relate to Environmental Health & Safety?

Clarissa Lynch, Chemical Safety Officer is glad to provide assistance, allowing you to begin your research quickly while achieving compliance with all regulations, guidelines and policies. As you prepare to move your lab from another institution, or start up your new lab, please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding your new lab space or any special lab equipment requirements (e.g., facility-specific or safety considerations). Please contact your department for questions related to facility requirements you may have. I can also connect you to the appropriate people in various research compliance areas, such as the Institutional Biosafety Committee and Radiation Safety. Read the FAQ for investigators.

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

EHS functions as a research support office and as such does not directly bill for any of our services. We will provide whatever assistance we can in making your research lab’s transition to UVA as seamless as possible.


Clarissa Lynch, Chemical Safety Officer

Main: 434.982.4911 |  Office: 434.982.4311  | Cell: 434.218.9669

Are you involved in clinical research?

For in depth information relating to clinical research read through the clinical research reference documents.

Do you have any patents or intellectual property?

The Licensing & Ventures Group is the University of Virginia intellectual property management and innovation commercialization organization for UVA’s research portfolio. Founded in 1977 as a 501(c)(3) UVA affiliated foundation, UVA LVG receives ~200 invention disclosures, executes ~80 commercial transactions, and launches 5-7 new companies each year. They manage the UVA Seed Fund and would be glad to assist you with any IP issues. Find out more on the Licensing & Ventures Group site


Rob Merhige, Assistant Vice President for Commercialization and Compliance


Still have questions?

Please let us know so we can add to this page and help out future hires. Contact Cheryl Wagner, Chief of Staff, Office of the VP for Research.