Community of Research Development (CoRD)

Community of Research Development (CoRD) is a community of practice for people working to advance research development across Grounds.

CoRD comprises UVA research development professionals and other members of the UVA research enterprise who believe that we work better when we work together. The CoRD Charter was drafted in October 2018 and formally adopted in April 2019.

The VPR Research Development team helps to coordinate CoRD and sponsors a monthly meeting where members of the research development community can share information, practices, and resources to support research development across the Grounds.

CoRD meets on the third Thursday of each month to discuss current topics of interest.

Next Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 21, 2022 10:30-11:30 am via zoom.

Please contact the VPR RD Team if you would like learn more about CoRD and its activities or if you need help with the listserv. 

To join the CoRD email list, email from the address you would like to use to subscribe from, and in the subject line type: subscribe CoP-RD firstname lastname.

Instructions for the Community of Practice – Research Development listserv

The mailing list is open to any UVA community member interested in and/or involved with research development in any manner. Spread the word! Only members of this listserv can send and receive messages and view the archives. Documents can also be uploaded for review. Members may also upload their picture so we can put faces to names. To send a message to the list, compose an electronic mail message to the address:

Include a subject that briefly describes the topic of your message and then your message text. Should you ask for an answer to a question in your message, please include your e-mail address. If you want an answer you are sending to someone to go to all the members of the list, please use the "reply" feature of your email software that allows this response. In most instances, you will want to answer just the person who asked the question, and you may want to compose a new message to that person. Please direct individual questions to the list owners or interested parties. You may contact the list owners at: To change your subscription options, password, or email address; locate other CoP-RD listserv subscribers; view archived messages or shared documents; or access the RSS feed, visit To subscribe to this list, send an email to from the address you want to subscribe to the list. In the subject line, type: subscribe CoP-RD firstname lastname. Leave the message body blank. If you wish to unsubscribe to the list (and we hope you don’t!), send an email to and type in the subject line: unsubscribe CoP-RD firstname lastname. Leave the message body blank.