Coordination of Large Collaborative Proposals

What is Proposal Development?

Proposal Development is the step in the research life-cycle in which an application for a grant to an external funding source is prepared. This step of the process begins when the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is released from the sponsoring funding agency and is completed upon submission of a completed application to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). There are various components of proposal development that involve different roles and responsibilities.

The Proposal Development Unit in the Office for the Vice President for Research focuses on development of large, multi-investigator, multi-School proposals to federal grant programs. 

Coordination of Services

  • Proposal Management for large, cross-disciplinary proposals
    • Setting up and facilitating/leading standing team meetings and follow-ups
    • Establishing roles and responsibilities of team members (as it pertains to the proposal and project)
    • Connecting team members with appropriate contacts and resources
    • Unifying team members – such as facilitating up-coming tasks, sending out reminders, collecting and harmonizing drafts of the research proposal
    • Assistance with internal or external review processes
  • Development of timelines, templates, and general knowledge for various components of the application
    • Establishing deadlines and ensuring they are adhered to
    • Outlining RFA/FOAs for team
    • Doing the research/leg-work for getting answers and resources
    • Providing final read-through, grant and figure editing
  • Serving as a liaison or point-of-contact
    • Arranging, establishing and sustaining communication with investigators from other Schools or external collaborators
    • Coordination with Research Administrators, OSP, other staff and/or faculty
    • Connecting teams/investigators with external grant writers, graphic/figure editors, other services

Coordination of proposal development services is provided in partnership with and at the request of your School’s Dean’s office.

If you would like assistance in coordinating proposal development email us and provide the PI’s name, a link to the RFA/FOA, and a list of participating faculty.

Requests must involve large, cross-disciplinary proposals and must be made at least two (2) months prior to the sponsor deadline. We will respond to the request within two (2) business days.