Research Development

The Research Development team at the University of Virginia is a strategic resource for promoting research development across Grounds. As part of the Office of the Vice President for Research, our mission is to help UVA researchers identify funding opportunities, form effective teams, and develop successful proposals. We provide services that add value to those of our partners across Grounds, and emphasize support for interdisciplinary research with the ultimate goal of increasing the quality and quantity of externally funded research at UVA.

Key Functions:

  • Develops programs to enhance both foundation and federal sponsorship of research.
  • Manages Limited Submission Opportunities

Services to Researchers:

Proposal Development

Proposal Development Unit

Research Development in the Office of Vice President for Research provides proposal development services for large and collaborative proposals using a coordination of services model.

  • Proposal Management for multi-PI, multi-school, or complex cross-disciplinary proposals
  • Development of timelines, templates, and general knowledge for various components of the application
  • Arranging, establishing and sustaining communication with investigators from other Schools or external collaborators

Limited Submissions

The Limited Submissions team in the VPR Office coordinates limited submission funding/grant opportunities from outside sponsors.

UVA faculty, students, and staff can use this page to identify and apply for Limited Submission Opportunities and Other Internal Awards.

Direct Link to InfoReady submission site.

Limited Submissions
Internal Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding Opportunities

The University of Virginia supports the development of research through a variety of mechanisms. In addition to its major investments in research through the Pan University Institutes and the Strategic Investment Fund, the University provides funds to enable and sustain sponsored research through seed and interim funding programs. This page provides a directory of some of these programs. There may be additional opportunities available through the individual schools within the University.

Research Development Tools

The Office of the VPR enhances the research development resources across the Grounds by licensing, managing, and providing training on a variety of research funding discovery and training tools. These tools include:


Pivot is a database containing funding opportunities for all disciplines and project types. It includes information on federal, private, and international funding options. You can search the database to find specific funding opportunities to apply to that match your area of expertise. 


GrantForward is another database containing funding opportunities for all disciplines and project types. 

Research Development Tools