Strategic Research Infrastructure Initiative

“As a major research university, we are committed to pursuing the truth, wherever it might lead. . .

In order to lead in research, we must improve our research infrastructure, make it easier for faculty to work together, and focus particular attention on addressing some of the world’s most critical challenges.”    - A Great and Good University, The 2030 Plan

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Investment areas


To develop a prioritized list of infrastructure investments that we would like to make in the short term (1-3 years), medium term (4 – 6 years), and longer term (7+ years). 

Some of these will be investments that UVA plans to make using institutional funds; others will be aspirational, based on access to extramural funding, philanthropy, or state funds.

Framing Questions:  

  •   Where should we invest to move the needle?

  •   How will these investments assist us in achieving our goals? 

  •   What barriers do we need to remove?

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Building a Foundation for Research Success

  • Faculty Hires
  • Post-Docs, Grad Students 
  • Equipment & Cores 
  • Advanced Research Computing & Analytics 
  • Space/Facilities 
  • Compliance (EHS, IRBs, etc.)

Translating Ideas Into Action

  • Clinical Trials and Human Studies
  • Entrepreneurship and Licensing
  • Partnering with lawmakers, NGOs, and communities on solutions
  • Communicating our discoveries

Leveraging Opportunities for Funding Streams

  • Research Development
  • OSP (broadly defined)
  • Foundations & Corporate 
  • Advancement/Philanthropy
  • Federal and State Relations

Steering Committee

Steering Committee members

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General Timeline