Proposal Development & Submission

Proposal Development & Submission

Relevant Policies

Prior to submitting a proposal, it is important to review the following links for information on sponsored programs proposal submission, acceptance and requirements to represent the University as a Principal Investigator (PI). All proposals will need to reference institutional information from Office of Sponsored Program’s Important Institutional Information website. 

RES-009 Solicitation, Clearance, Acceptance and Ongoing Management of Sponsored Programs

FIN-036: Signatory Authority for Executing University Contracts

RES-011: Investigator Eligibility Requirements and Responsibilities Related to Sponsored Programs


Important Institutional Information 

This page has relevant institutional information required for including in a Proposal, including names of authorized organizational representatives, legal name of the institution, Federally Negotiated F&A Rate Agreements including Fringe Benefits Rates, Unique Entity Identifier (replaces DUNS number), Single Audit Reports, etc. 

Data Management Plans 

The UVA Library, through its Data Management Consulting service, offers support in understanding funder requirements, drafting and reviewing data management plans, selecting appropriate active data storage, choosing a repository and preparing data for end-of-project archiving, and many other research data related topics.