Grand Challenges Research Investments

Grand Challenges Research Investments

The University’s Great and Good 2030 Plan identifies five priority focus areas for research: Democracy, Environmental Resilience and Sustainability, Precision Medicine/Health, the Brain and Neuroscience, and Digital Technology and Society. The Grand Challenges Research Investments are intended to make a substantial difference through large strategic investments—to move the needle and not just fund business as usual. We plan to focus on opportunities that will have high impact, such as significant research infrastructure or new faculty (cluster hires or key leaders). We do not plan to support routine research expenses or replace externally sponsored research funding. This transformative new investment is designed to expand and complement our current research portfolio.


The University’s new differentiating $100 million investment in Democracy, Enhanced by donations from philanthropic alumni Martha and Bruce Karsh, the institute builds on UVA’s strength in democracy and facilitates democracy-related collaborations across Grounds and beyond. 

Brain and Neuroscience

UVA launches $75M neuroscience challenge with Alzheimer's, Autism, and other Brain research Brain and Neuroscience.

Environmental Resiliency and Sustainability

UVA to Invest $60 Million to put climate change solutions in people's hands. Environmental Resiliency and Sustainability

Digital Technology and Society 

Grand Challenges To Fight Cancer in Rural Va., Support Youth Mental Health, Democracy. Digital Technology and Society

Precision Medicine/Health

Grand Challenges To Fight Cancer in Rural Va., Support Youth Mental Health, Democracy. Precision Medicine/Health



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