Coming to UVA?

Welcome from the IRB!

The Institutional Review Board for Health Sciences Research (IRB-HSR) at the University of Virginia (UVA) is responsible for reviewing all medically related research involving human subjects conducted by UVA faculty, employees and students. The IRB-HSR also serves as the HIPAA Privacy Board for research involving Protected Health Information (PHI).


IRB-HSR Office Contact Information

IRB-HSR Staff Directory

Reliance on a Non UVA IRB to serve as the Single IRB of Record

Reliance on the IRB-HSR to serve as the Single IRB of Record

Getting Started

The IRB-HSR maintains several online systems you may use to access information.

UVA HRPP Website- includes the UVA HRPP Standard Operating Procedures, along with additional information available to all individuals inside or outside of UVA.

IRB-HSR Website- information from the IRB-HSR- available to all individuals inside or outside of UVA.

Protocol Builder-the application program for the IRB-HSR.  Only available to individuals granted an account.   Must enter through Netbadge.  Protocol Builder works with all internet browsers except Internet Explorer.

IRB Online- a database of information about all studies reviewed by the IRB-HSR.  Information only available to individuals who have been granted an account and may only see information on a specific study if listed as personnel listed on that study.  Must enter through Netbadge. 

Protocol Builder and IRB Online are only accessible off grounds /off campus via a UVA Anywhere VPN (this is different from a VPN from the UVA Health System). A digital certificate is required before you can obtain a UVA Anywhere VPN.

IRB Pro- the electronic storage program for all documents received, reviewed and approved by the IRB-HSR.  This system went live in October 2019. All documents processed by the IRB-HSR prior to October 2019 are available by copy from the IRB-HSR office.


Where to Start

  1. If you have not done so already, obtain a UVA ID by completing and submitting this form.
  2. If you need to work on an IRB application prior to your arrival at UVA, obtain a Digital Certificate and a UVA Anywhere VPN. To do this contact visit the ITS website.
  3. Complete Human Subject Protection Training- CITI. Visit our Education & Training page. If you have previously taken CITI training at another institution, you must go to the CITI site, add UVA to your affiliations, and complete the UVA CITI Basic Course appropriate to your role in research. The CITI program will determine which additional modules you will need to take at UVA. NOTE: You must use your UVA ID as your CITI user name.
  4. Complete and submit the New UVA Researcher Information Form if you are transferring to UVA and will be doing any of the following:
    1. Continue to work on a research protocol at your previous institution after you have transferred to UVA. Protocol will not be opened at UVA.
    2. Transfer data /specimens to UVA from your previous institution
    3. Open a new protocol at UVA which is ongoing at your previous institution.
  5. When you are ready to begin an application to the IRB-HSR, please view information under Protocol Submission Process.