Welcome to UVA!

The Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) is responsible for the integration and enhancement of research activities across UVA’s twelve schools and multiple research institutes and centers. VPR leads university-wide strategic growth activities, coordinates the various University units that comprise the research infrastructure, including research funding, the planning and development of academic research space, research commercialization, the incubation of new companies and recruiting of corporate research partners to local research parks, and public outreach. We collaborate with other areas of the University to assist researchers to ease their administrative burden and enable their research. Let us know how we can help you!

General Information

These are the links and information that everybody needs to know. All new employees and researchers need to go through this information and complete some hosekeeping tasks to make starting research a smoother process.

Connect with Human Resources

If you haven't already signed up for new employee orientation, talk with your department to get it scheduled. Orientation information and directions to HR exist on the UVA Human Resources website.

Get your UVA ID

Your computing ID will be your username when you login to many of the UVA services that exist behind Netbadge. It will will contain your initials, a numeral and one or two extra letters (E.g. mg9jd). It will be the begining portion of your default UVA email (E.g. mg9jd@virginia.edu). You can create an alias for your email later. Visit Information Technology Services to setup your UVA ID and password. You will need to know your UVA 9-Digit ID number which you can get from the office where you were hired. You may also get this number when you do your in person ID verification. If you already have your UVA 9 digit number you will still have to do an in person ID verification at Carruthers Hall. Bring some proof of your identity like a drivers license or government ID card.

In-person Verification

As part of establishing your UVA accounts. You will need to go to Carruthers Hall, 1001 N. Emmet Street, Charlottesville, VA 22904 to verify in person your identity.

ITS: 434.924.4357

ITS New to UVA webpage

Get your UVA password

To get your password, take the Responsible Computing Tutorial and make a note of your new Eservices password at the end, which will only be displayed for 2 minutes. When you click “Finish,” you’ll be sent to log in via NetBadge to finish your IT Security Awareness Tutorial. Provide your UVA computing ID and the new Eservices password you just received to log in and finished your Tutorial.

Set up your UVA email

You can get an overview of how you create your primary email address and your computing ID on the ITS website.

Create an alias for your UVA email

For an overview of how you create an email alias visit the ITS website's section on aliases. and then go to the Email Address Management System and select 'Manage Alias'.

Obtain your physical UVA ID card

You'll need to obtain a UVA ID card or a Health System ID card if you are in School of Medicine or the Health System: Health System Employees who are required to wear a UVA Health System ID Badge will need to obtain one from the UVA Health System Technical Services. They are located in Room M1205 in the front corridor of the Multistory of the West Complex (old Hospital). Call 434-982-4009 or email for more information. You do not need both a HS and regular UVA ID. Either one can be programmed to access the other doors.

Connect to the UVA Wireless Network

On your device connect to the "Welcome_to_UVA_Wireless" network. Open a browser and you should be directed to the UVA Network Setup Tool. Then you'll download and run the tool for your operating system. It should automatically configure your access to the encrypted "Cavalier" network and install a personal certificate on your computer. You'll need your computing ID, password, and 9-digit UVA ID number. If you have problems, consult the troubleshooting guide. For mobile devices the setup may work with the cavalier network may fail. If that is the case you'll need to setup your mobile device on the wahoo network.

Connect a mobile device to the unencrypted eduroam network

If you are unable to get your mobile device setup on the encrypted eduroam network you'll need to follow this guide on how to connect to the network. It requires you to register your mobile device on a computer and then complete the setup on your mobile device.

Find your way around UVA

The Interactive Map is a easy way to locate information on places on UVA Grounds.

Figure out parking

Nobody wants to get a ticket on their car. All information related to parking exists on the Parking & Transportation website. Most questions can be found on their Parking FAQ page. If you have been allotted a parking pass, you'll need to pick it up at the parking office.

PARKING PASS PICKUP: Parking Office, 1101 Millmont Street, Charlottesville, VA 

Health Insurance

Don't forget to sign up for health insurance and benefits. Information on UVA Human Resources Benefits.  Note your health insurance starts on the first day of the month following your registration. E.g., if you submit the paperwork on August 20th, your coverage starts September 1st.

Workday is our HR management system. If you received an on-boarding checklist, you will need to submit it to move through the process.