The UVA Democracy focus area will facilitate a deeper understanding of democratic principles, and examine the broad issues, challenges and opportunities facing democracies today. Our approach will be capacious, comprehensive and multidisciplinary, and rely upon research, teaching and engagement in public affairs.

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Environmental Resilience

The UVA Environmental Resilience and Sustainability focus area aims to advance our understanding of the demands for earth’s natural resources and develop innovative ways to meeting them in a sustainable manner, including considerations for increasing the capacity for natural and human systems to continue to function and develop in the face of rapid environmental change. 

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Precision Medicine

The UVA Precision Medicine focus area aims to develop new understanding of the genetics, epigenetics, proteomics, and metabolomics of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders, and develop personalized therapies for patients.

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Brain & Neuroscience

The UVA Brain & Neuroscience focus area aims to advance neuroscience through discoveries leading to the understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of nervous system development, how it operates, and what goes wrong in disease conditions.

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Digital Technology and Society

The UVA Digital Technology & Society focus area aims to advance digital technologies to improve the quality of life for humans through its pervasive impact in healthcare, transportation, education, arts, sustainable environment, and digital communication, while simultaneously ensuring that the digital technologies achieve the intended purpose of improving the human condition.

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