Data in an Educational Setting

Collecting data in an educational setting requires special consideration as to how you will protect participant privacy, confidentiality, and ability to participate voluntarily. The Board will want to know:

  • Are you collecting identifiable data (data that are linked to the participants) and if so, why is it necessary to collect identifying information about the participants?
  • If you are not collecting identifying information, how are you keeping the data anonymous?
  • Are you collecting data or will you gather data from a source such as a student record? Do you have permission to access the data for research purposes? Even though you may have access to the data as an instructor or school administrator, you will need permission to use the data in research.
  • Does your data collection method allow participants to participate without direct or indirect coercion? For example, participants will not feel that their participation will affect their grade or will cause them to lose access to resources at the school.
  • Does your consent process match your data collection? For example, if you plan to video tape the teacher providing instruction, is this information adequately described in the consent form?

For a complete discussion of using data in a research study, see Data.