Informed Consent for Recording Devices

If you are using a recording device, you should include additional information in your consent form, assent form, and/or oral consent (where applicable) about the recording device and how it will be used in the study. It may be necessary for you to use a Materials Release Form and/or a Data Release Consent Form. To access the forms, please see Consent Templates.

Informed Consent Agreement

In your consent form (and assent form where applicable), you should include as statement in the “What you will do” section informing the participants that you are using a recording device.  Describe any confidentiality issues in the “Confidentiality” section, such as if the person’s identity will be recorded, how long the recorded data will be stored, if you will make a transcript from the recording, etc.  In the “How to withdraw” section, state that the recorded materials will be destroyed should the participant decide to withdraw. If you are using an alternative form of consent, such as an oral consent, you need to inform your participant that you will use a recording device.

Materials Release Form

Some studies may generate data that is useful in capacities beyond research.  For example, video tapes, audio tapes, and/or photographs may be interesting materials for classroom exercises or conference presentations.  Oral histories or community histories provide valuable information that could be archived in a library for community use.  In other cases, a researcher may want to keep data for future analyses in studies that have not yet been determined. In order to use the participant’s data in ways beyond the scope of the researcher study, participants will need to be informed about the way their data will be used and provide additional consent for this use of their data.  In any circumstance where you would like to release materials to be used beyond the study, the Board asks that you use a Materials Release Form to gain permission to use these materials.  The form allows the participant the flexibility to consent to participate in the study while making a separate decision regarding their materials.  You should use the form after the data are collected (and transcribed if possible).  In an additional session with the participant, present the form to the participant and describe what it says.  If possible, provide the participant with copies of their data for their review.  Give participants time to review the materials and decide if they want to release their data. 

Data Release Consent Form

This form is used specifically for deception studies. If you are recording a participant without their knowledge, this information needs to be revealed to the participant after the study is complete. The participant will have the option to not include their recorded data in the study.