Environmental Resilience and Sustainability

Environmental Resilience and Sustainability 

In June 2022, the University announced a $60 million commitment to a collaborative approach to climate change. UVA researchers are pursuing two avenues focused on environmental resilience and sustainability: researching and perfecting clean energy, and helping local communities develop best practices for responding to climate change.

The Climate Collaboratives is a signature program supported through the Grand Challenges. UVA will embed four to six research teams in specific localities dealing with climate-related challenges and to connect researchers with policymakers, local officials, business leaders, and everyday citizens. The Climate Collaboratives are led by UVA’s Environmental Institute.

Request for Proposals 

The current cycle of the Explore-2-Build (E2B) initiative is funded through Grand Challenges. See the Explore-2-Build page for details on the request for proposals that are due by November 13, 2023.  

UVA's Environmental Institute



Past Events 

In August and September 2021, the University organized a series of idea generation events related to Environmental Resilience and Sustainability for the UVA research community.