On 1/29/2024, the VPR's office launched Huron's COI solution. Going forward investigators will make required disclosures about BOTH significant financial interests and external activities in ResearchUVA Powered by Huron (RUVA). Note: See University policies RES-005 and RES-011 for requirements and definitions.  Security roles are used to appropriately limit access to individual disclosures. 

A short instructional video, job aids, and other resources are available in the system (e.g., in the Help Center and via question-specific help text) and via the Quick Links at the bottom of the page.

For information about the purpose and timeline visit the Huron COI Project page.

Individuals may continue to access their PRIOR disclosures in the legacy COI system but all new disclosures, including annual renewals, must be completed in RUVA.

Investigators:  If you need to update your disclosures, email and request access to Huron COI. 

Research Administrators: With go-live of Huron COI, new investigators should no longer be added to the legacy COI System or asked to complete the External Activities Disclosure (EAD).  If you have a new investigator (one who has never completed a UVA COI disclosure), please email their name(s) and computing IDs (s) to

  • Note: These are temporary processes we've put in place because we are gradually adding investigators to the system based on the date of their last disclosure in the legacy COI system.

Conflict of Interest

The University is committed to conducting the highest quality research. This commitment requires an unwavering commitment to research objectivity. The Conflicts of Interest Committee (COI) considers financial disclosures made by investigators and key personnel who have significant financial interests related to their research and recommends to the Vice President of Research how the conflict should be managed, reduced or eliminated.

A COI investigator is any individual, regardless of title, role or position, who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research on a proposal to a relevant federal agency/under a relevant solicitation.

Financial Conflicts of Interest

If a researcher has a personal financial interest that may bias or appear to bias his research, he could have a research-related financial conflict of interest. Virginia law, federal research rules, and University policy define and regulate these conflicts.

The Financial COI form (Disclosure Profile) must be filled out in RUVA every 12 months, and updated within thirty days of discovering or acquiring a new Significant Financial Interest, external appointment, or research-related activity.

CITI Training Program

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) is dedicated to promoting the public’s trust in the research enterprise by providing high quality, peer-reviewed, web-based educational courses in research, ethics, regulatory oversight, responsible conduct of research, research administration, and other topics pertinent to the interests of member organizations and individual learners.

  • Please read the instructions and complete the online Conflict of Interest training course.
  • This training needs to be completed every 4 years.
  • Please use your for your contact email on your CITI account as it will help us automatically update your status.

Need Help?

  • General questions about UVA research disclosure policies, procedures, and systems should be directed to
  • Questions about COI Committee reviews, exemption request process, management plans, and timelines should be directed to Rob Merhige or your school's COI Committee representative (see Contacts page).
  • Report concerns about potential conflicts of interest in research to Rob Merhige or via the University Compliance Help Line at 800-235-8700 or at (both methods allow for anonymous reporting).