Research Data Security

Properly protecting research data is a fundamental obligation that is grounded in the values of stewardship, data integrity, and honoring commitments to the providers and sources of the data.  It is also the responsibility of everyone involved in the development, proposal, conduct, administration/support, and reporting of research. Research data security is essential to the ongoing health of the research environment including, but not limited to, maintaining public trust in and support for research.

In an academic setting where the vast majority of research data is intended to be openly published it may seem counterintuitive to worry about data security; however, even when there is an intent to publish, it's still important to protect the integrity of the data, assure accessibility, and control access in order to assure that the researchers who developed the idea, data, algorithm, methodology, hypothesis, model, analysis, etc. are the ones who decide what, when, how, and to whom it is released.